by Bianca Caruana

One Horizon gives travellers the opportunity to positively affect the lives of Kenyan communities through their sustainable tourism programs.

Helping to make your valentine's day as ethical as possible with gifts that give back. 

Na’atik Mexico is a non-profit language school in Zona Maya, Mexico who are offering travellers the chance learn Spanish or Maya and support local education projects. 

Not all heroes wear capes - Siem Reap opens its first visitor centre where you can meet APOPO's Mine Detection Rats. Read more.

Just to clarify, we’re not talking about desserts, even though it’s also important to know where you’re eating your ice cream. We’re talking about deserts, the vast spaces of …

Award winning responsible travel company Soksabike has become one of Battambang’s most renowned sustainable tourism experiences.

Through the lens and into the backstreets of Siem Reap, street photographer Serey Siv offers guests a glimpse of Cambodian local life on this photo tour.

Ayana Journeys is a responsible travel company with a passion for providing educational travel experiences in Cambodia. Read more.

Move over planking. This meditation travel trend is the latest trend to hit the travel scene, and for a good cause too - to promote mental health.

If you are looking for pristine nature and some place to recharge, you needn’t look any further than rafting in the Tara River Canyon.

Meet the men developing Nepal's first Earth Bag training centre in Kathmandu that aims to rebuild Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.

Who is really paying for your cheap clothes abroad? Is it you or someone else? We look into the flip side of bargaining abroad and if it's worth it.

First time staying in a homestay? Here are 5 tips to get you started and ensure your homestay is a memorable one. Read on to find out more.

Andrew Collien has dedicated the year to cycling around the world encouraging children and young adults to draw their dreams. Here is his story.

Because sustainable volunteering is not about providing help that fades, but giving assistance that keeps on giving. Volunteer sustainably with these 9 tips

With so many options available to us when it comes to travel how do we incorporate altruism? How do we become altruistic travellers?

The most spectacular views on this earth don’t necessarily happen above the great blue ocean. Under the sea lies a colourful, tranquil world full of wonder.

Despite the challenges India faces, it truly is a beautiful place and a journey worth embarking on as a solo female traveller.

Travelling in a group can induce responsible travelling behaviour. Remind each other to be conscious of the travel footprint with these travel tips.

10 ethical Christmas gift ideas that make the world a better place.

Because sometimes you just need a little inspiration....

A list of 7 responsible tours that have a positive impact on both people and the environment. Be a responsible traveller and add these to your bucket list.

The story behind my 10 month altruistic journey and what I learned from those 10 months abroad.

An interview with Mr Tree, the lead guide at the Mondulkiri Project, protecting and caring for Cambodia's Elephants in Mondulkiri.

The first entry of a collection of stories about my personal experiences while I travel throughout the incredible country of India.

If you’re in old London town pop into to dine at the following ethical eateries and support some of their wonderful causes.

How the Tropaing Sangke fishing community is using community based tourism to help conserve Kampot's last mangroves.

A tour of London's East End, a place that has become the focal point for famous street artists and art lovers alike.

From Africa to the Pacific here is some inspiration to visit some of this world’s most marvellous creatures in their natural habitat.

What one must understand is that while travel is a luxury, long-term travel isn’t easy.