Humans of the Pandemic

by Bianca Caruana

I’m creating a space on my blog to highlight causes or individuals in need so that my community can offer support, whether it be through donation or simply a connection.

Anggie Wayan created an English language program back in January 2019. The program offers free English classes for disadvantaged children in northern Bali, however, the children do offer another currency in exchange for learning – plastic.

Anggie’s aim is to teach children not only the English language but also how to respect Mother Earth. Since COVID-19 hit Anggie has witnessed the need for more aid and so is helping people by distributing rice, clothes, bikes and even helping to build houses for poorer families.


Project Luggage is an NGO dedicated to the development of community-based tourism (TBC) in Brazil.

They recently organised a storage campaign for direct support to two communities very affected by this pandemic, which hits: Quilombo Sapatu in the state of São Paulo and Quilombo Barra da Aroeira no Tocantins.

Any amount is very welcome and even if you can’t collaborate now, you can help them by sharing this campaign with your network of friends.


The Movement of Recovery Project is a collaboration with Crisis Kitchen Bali & Scholars of Sustenance and is supported by Bali Aid 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many in Bali have lost their jobs and are now unable to pay their rent or buy food. With little infrastructure and no welfare system or government support, Bali needs our help. When donating to the MOR Project you are not only contributing to feeding those in need, you are also helping to break the stigma, of addiction and recovery promoting a positive lifestyle choice, and supporting a movement of freedom from active addiction and becoming productive members of their society.


Eco Africa Climbing employs upwards of 150 mountain guides, porters and cooks that lead groups up Mt Kilimanjaro and to Safari throughout the country. Visit Natives supports the Maasai and Hadzabe people in Tanzania, two indigenous groups that offer home stays and unique cultural experiences to learn about their ways of life. 

With tourism in Tanzania at a standstill neither of these companies can support their staff or communities and so are raising funds to assist.


Morocco’s borders closed in Mid-March and remain closed, completely cutting off the flow of tourism that supports the traditional artisan community in Marrakech. With minimal support since this period artisans have struggled to make ends meet.

The artisans of Morocco pour their hearts and souls into their crafts, passed down for generations. You can give these artisans hope and some of the financial resources to hold on until they are able to earn a living again.